Spokane Mexican Food Truck

Whether you are looking to cater a piquante backyard party or a grandioso private event, we’ve got your freshest, most delicious tacos—and a primo experience to match. Our clients for these polished events are teams, families, brides, grooms, squads, platoons, companies, offices, agencies, parties, and (once or twice) a hungry pack of taco-crazed wolves. Or maybe you are just looking for that quick pickup breakfast or lunch. We make the best Breakfast burrito's, or if it's lunch you are looking for we have a large variety of tasty items. Although we serve small and large, catering is where we really shine. If your Spokane business needs an event or maybe just a Friday thank you to the hard working employees, our Spokane Mexican Food Truck can cater your event in a way people will be asking for it again. Mexican food tastes great when you go out to eat, but even better when it's brought to you. There are many different types of Food Trucks in Spokane, and even several Mexican Food Trucks. What makes us stand out from the rest? Well you'll have to stop by for a burrito on the run and see for yourself.

Only available in Spokane, Spokane Valley and Coeur d Alene.


Our Fiesta Pack catering options are a big hit at small gatherings, including meetings and game-day parties. We offer 5 different packages to best suit your taco tastes. One of these packages will be perfect for your Spokane or Coeur d Alene business party. They also work awesome for Catering Weddings. Spokane Mexican Food Truck was made just for these occasions big or small. We know the name having Spokane in it may be confusing but never fear, we offer the same awesome Mexican food truck in Coeur d Alene too.

Build your own

Taco Bar


Now that's what I call an office lunch.

Build your own tacos. Choice of 3 styles of tacos with all the fixings, chips, salsa, rice and beans.

Nacho Bar

$8/person (10 Person Minimum)

Sunday football just got real.

Build your own nachos. Choice of protein and salsa with guacamole, queso, crema, chips, salsa, and beans.

Ready to eat

Planning an unforgettable Spokane or Coeur d Alene party? Get the authentic Mexican Food Truck experience with made to order tacos. We can create a seamless popup experience at your event or roll in with our taco cart or truck. If you are needing help setting up the party with balloons and other decorations ask us about our Catering Specials. We not only bring an awesome Mexican Food experience to you and your guests, but we can decorate and clean up after the party. It doesn't come any easier than this. Call Spokane Mexican Food Truck today and book your event.

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Should you be holding a corporate event and have no idea how you are going to feed the attendant crowd, a food truck could be your savior. Even for lone individuals who require a quick meal at the oddest hour, a food truck is a convenient time-saving option.

Food trucks are found convenient by many companies that offer lunches to employees in the workplace. By getting the services of a food truck company, employers are assured that their employees will be served with fresh food and, since the service is offered in the workplace, precious time is saved as nobody needs to leave the office to look for food. Perhaps the leading indicator of the importance of food trucks is the fact that today many leading companies use this as the exclusive option for feeding employees.


The convenience of food trucks
While the popularity of food trucks has been rising all over the country over the years, food truck companies have enjoyed a boom aided by recent technological changes. Food trucking companies have taken advantage of the rise of social media to increase their customer base.
Prominent food trucking companies are today very active on social media. The leading companies have employees who are specifically tasked with making sure that their brands are properly represented on the leading social media platforms. Such employees interact with customers on Facebook Twitter and Instagram making sure that customers are properly updated about the company. By visiting these platforms, customers have access to the most recent developments in the food truck companies. If, for instance, the company has developed a new menu, the information is quickly communicated to potential customers through social media. Through these platforms, the public also gets to know when a food truck company has changed location or opened a new branch.

mexican-tomatoes mexican-food-ingredients

An active online presence has made it very easy for customers to locate and communicate with food trucking companies. Ordering for services is now instant. Moreover, by interacting with customers on social media, food trucking companies can instantly know how their services are ranked by customers. Social media enables customers to lodge complaints or recommend a company to their network of friends.

Use of mobile apps and websites
Successful food trucking companies have been quick to make it easy for customers to get in touch. On their websites, these companies have forms that customers can fill to make enquiries while others have mobile apps that customers can download. Regardless of the customer’s location, it is now easy to get instant access to the food company.

Why food trucks and Mexican food make such an irresistible combination
Food trucks and Mexican food make an irresistible combination. In Spokane, as in many parts of the US, Mexican food has continued to pull the crowds. For over a century, Americans have loved American food and the popularity has continued to rise. In fact Mexican food is so beloved by those who know it that their only worry sometimes is whether what they are getting is authentic Mexican.

mexican-cooking food-truck-ingredients

Those who discover Mexican food become addicted to it and certainly never look back. The reasons for the popularity of Mexican food are easy to see. For starters, Mexican food is the number one choice for people who care about their weight. In a world where obesity is now becoming an epidemic, anyone who discovers Mexican food will be hooked to it forever.

Consuming Mexican food on a regular basis could actually be your best weapon in weight management. This is so because Mexican food comes in fairly small servings. The result is that a complete Mexican meal becomes very varied. The fact that you are enjoying a meal in small proportions means that you might not over-indulge and this is important for weight control.

food-truck-mexican mexcian-food

Mexican meals are also credited with having massive health benefits. If you can get genuine Mexican food, you’ll get a meal that has been prepared with utmost care. The ingredients are carefully chosen and they are always fresh. A real Mexican meal has great nutritional value since it will contain a variety of minerals and vitamins that you might not get in other meals. While the food you eat in a fast food joint will be loaded with unhealthy fat, a Mexican meal has only a limited amount of fat and is therefore unlikely develop complications that are caused by high cholesterol.

If you have been stuffing yourself with meals that have huge amounts of unhealthy meat, a genuine Mexican meal might be what you really need. Mexican meals are packed with fresh vegetables. Chili is one of the most popular ingredients in Mexican meals and most meals will also contain a generous amount of onions, garlic and tomatoes.

The nutritional value and flavor of a meal is influenced to a considerable extent by its preparation. You might have the best collection of ingredients but you might not make proper use of them if you do not really know how to mix them. While fresh vegetable do good to our bodies, overcooking vegetables could make them utterly useless.

A genuine Mexican meal is prepared in a very simple and straightforward manner to ensure that all the ingredients retain their nutritional value. It is this simplicity in preparation that also ensures that Mexican foods have very appetizing flavors. When you consider that Mexican meals are generally cheaper than other meals, it is easy to see why more and more people are going the Mexican way.

Our Mexican Food Truck has a variety of services available to you hungry mexican food lovers. Besides all the bigger Catering Events, we also offer the best Breakfast Burrito in Spokane. Freshly made every day with the best ingredients. The truck has been known to travel all over the area giving everyone a chance to taste it’s awesomeness from Coeur d Alene to the Spokane Valley.  Our Breakfast Burrito is probably the most favorite but there are several other items on the menu that will please your taste buds as well including but not limited to:
Authentic Mexican Food
Our Specialty Salsa
Carne Asada

We have several different types of Enchiladas, Chicken, Beef, Carne, Ground beef and a couple more you can inquire about. Our street Taco is starting to give the Spokane Breakfast Burrito a run for it’s money. However living up to the Breakfast Burrito can be challenging in itself. If you haven’t tried Spokane’s Best Mexican Food Truck, you really should get down here.  If you don’t have that long of a lunch, we can bag it up for you.



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